Sunday, May 30, 2010

Return to the Scarf Project: work in progress

Whenever I make a scarf I tend to think of it as not actually having a pattern at all since I often do it in double crochet, or some very simple combination of very basic stitches.

Where I really go crazy is in the color selection. I'm lucky to now have a sizable yarn stash, with so many possibilities for creation and for crafting coolness.

By request of my sister, who is going away to college to become a professional chef, I've gone back to making scarves. Specifically, THIS one:

It's going to be much skinnier than the other scarves I've made - it's only 13 dc across.

As my sister's favorite color is purple, I'm doing this one in a tweed of purple chenille and dark gray yarns.

Close-up on the colors in the scarf.

I'm shooting to have this finished before June 15, so I guess I have to get a move on - I want it to be at least six feet long and I've only finished a third of it so far.

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tinskyhunter said...

Good luck with that! I hope you also post your finished product once you're finally done with the scarf! ^^