Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crafty catch-up

Projects on tap:

1. A lovely and delicate stole made out of several ten- and twelve-pointed stars in crochet. Or I may even make two stoles if I have the time and enough thread. I will definitely give one of them to my mum. I won't be able to complete the stole in time for Sunday, but maybe I can finish it in time for her birthday next month.

2. If you're following the blog's Facebook mini-page, then you know that I am now planning to make my first crochet afghan, assembled entirely out of granny squares. These four squares will be the central motif. The intended recipient for this project is Mama, who is my mum's mum [in short, my maternal grandmother]. I cannot wait to see her this Sunday, and then to get started on her afghan.

3. Not exactly a crochet project, but I am planning to upcycle a few old tee-shirts into my own crochet hook roll-up keeper. Yes, I do keep them in a nice mesh pouch right now, but they kind of strike against each other whenever I move the pouch or dig in it for a hook. The noises made by the hooks can get on my nerves, and I also worry about their finish and the hook heads themselves - so it might be best to construct something soft and protective.


Today is National Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you!

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