Sunday, May 2, 2010

Iron Man movie-verse takes ANOTHER level in badassery

No spoilers here. Just stills and captions, and that title, which I shall leave to you to agree or disagree with.

Forget Girls Gone Wild. No, really. The entirety of the Iron Man mythos - but especially so in the movies - can pretty much be summarized as Science Projects Gone Wild.

Don Cheadle in an action movie? Well, he kind of manages to pull it off here.

And Sam Rockwell plays Justin Hammer as a great big idiot jejemon!

At the climax of the movie, these two armored guys unleash a hell of a lot of firepower.

I really, REALLY could not stop myself from thinking, "War Machine = Gundam frigging Heavyarms." Without the running out of bullets bit.

Go, watch, and stay till after the credits!

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