Friday, April 30, 2010

Stars / In your multitudes.... [A crochet tutorial!]

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Talking about stars again, so I thought it might be appropriate to have Philip Quast in the 10th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables, singing Inspector Javert's theme, "Stars".

[He holds that final note for about 12 seconds! No wonder people jumped to their feet to applaud!]

So, you know that my current crochet pet project has been these ten-pointed stars that I keep making, sort of like piling up a series of motifs and then deciding what to do with them after they threaten to overrun a project box or two.

As a thought experiment, I started wondering what it would take to create a twelve-pointed version.

Those who are more skilled at crochet than I am, and who watched the video tutorial multiple times, will quickly have worked out that if each star point spans four stitches and a circle of forty stitches yields ten points, then a circle of forty-eight stitches will yield a star with twelve points.

I am only a newbie, so forgive me for taking so long to arrive at this conclusion.

Pictures and comments beneath the cut. I guess this is my first real crochet tutorial?

The star begins with a round of 12 double crochet (treble crochet if you're from the UK).

Round 2: 24 dc. I am essentially increasing evenly for the first four rounds so that I am creating a flat circle.

Round 3: 36 dc.

And round 4 completes the center of the star with 48 dc.

Round 5: First round of star points. Here, I placed a stitch marker at the beginning of the round, and I've completed one star point.

The star points are made in the same way as described in the original video tutorial for the ten-point star.

Round 5 continued: Six star points completed.

Round 5 completed: twelve star points, finishing the thought experiment. Sl st to beginning of round to close.

I normally put two rounds of star points on my stars, so here is Round 6. Here I've completed two star points.

And here is the completed star with all ends woven in. Twelve points, two rounds of star points. As with the original ten-point star, this is a bit ruffly, but can be coaxed to lie flat.

Now I think I'll make an equal number of ten-point and twelve-point stars, then link them together into a very light stole, alternating 10-12-10-12. And since I am weaving in all the ends of each star, maybe I will use a colored thread to sew each star to the next.

This is actually a lot of fun!

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