Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a difference the right hook makes

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I'm still churning out those beautiful ten-point stars, but now I am working with an entirely different material: cotton crochet thread, like this:

I'd actually gotten this ball of thread early on when I took up crochet again, but found to my dismay that I had serious problems working with it. Now I know why: I was using the wrong hook. Maybe the largest steel crochet hook would work with this, but I prefer to use the new arrivals. Specifically, I've found that both the C-2 and D-3 hooks work well with this fine thread.

And here is the result of my hard work with these two new hooks and this old material.

This was done with the C hook, incorporating three rounds of star points. Looks kinda ruffly. This one just will not lay flat, no matter what I do. That doesn't mean it's not pretty or whatever - it's just that it's got limited uses if it cannot be flattened out.

And this motif was made with the D hook, incorporating only two rounds of the star points. I've come to the conclusion that I'll just stick with the two rounds for all other examples - not only can the star lie flat with just a little persuasion, it actually rather looks so much prettier.

And a stray example with some blue ombre crochet thread that I had on hand. I love the color of the thread, but I've decided that it doesn't quite work out so well with this motif. I'll look for some other way to use the thread.

All of these stars, including the MASSIVE gray one I did as a first attempt, are now hanging from the sides of my cubicle. I tend to think they give my workspace quite a bit of personality.

I wonder if I could try assembling multiple motifs into something like a scarf. Something very light and breezy, obviously, considering the cotton crochet thread and the fine hook and close work. Hmm.

*wanders off thinking*

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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