Monday, April 26, 2010

SABLE Strikes Again

And what does SABLE stand for?

Warning, as always: There is a TVTropes link in that blog post.


I've been trying to eat up and/or otherwise dispatch several items from my yarn stash lately since my stashing policy is not to buy anything new if there's still something that can be used. It's a good thing that lately my interest has turned to motif-type work: see my sudden burst of making granny squares, and then my current mini-obsession of ten-pointed stars.

Having finally made some headway in clearing out the bits and pieces of yarn in my stash, I felt justified in buying something like THIS:

Caron One Pound Yarn in Royalty (a sort of dark royal blue). One skein is 16 oz and costs about PHP600.

When I went to Dreams Yarnshoppe to pick this behemoth up over the weekend I was pretty much the first customer for the day. (Work ended at 4am; I killed time till 7am, picked up the boyfriend from his office, we went to Banchetto in Ortigas to eat and kill more time, and arrived in Makati just before 10am.)

The saleslady there, who knew me by sight, was pretty curious as to why I hadn't been dropping in - I laughed sheepishly and said that I was on the night shift, so couldn't really go gallivanting freely about the city.

I must have looked so strange exiting Dreams since I was carrying a whole pound of yarn in my backpack - and I was grinning like a loon to boot. The feeling of having new yarn is really quite intoxicating, heh.

Anyway, this is a lot of yarn to get in one purchase and I'm already lining up a host of projects in which I can put it to good use. There's this really pretty mesh shopping bag to start with (my first time to make one of those), and of course I want to make more granny squares and a few more ten-pointed stars, and then I want to try making a cable scarf....

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