Monday, June 28, 2010

Fandom kicks

When I was in high school I received a pair of vivid maroon tennis shoes as hand-me-downs from my mother. I remember being quite delighted to have such a comfortable and unusual pair of sneakers, and wearing them as frequently as I could.

During my three years at Philippine Science High School I was often found running around the halls wearing the normal blouse and skirt of the uniform, but the maroon shoes on my feet - and best of all, no one was enforcing the uniform rules strictly, so I could wear my sneakers with impunity.

Those shoes carried me all the way to university; they finally gave up the ghost after repeated soakings in flooded streets (much to the ruination of my white socks, I might add). After them I'd gone back to my usual routine of wearing shoes in various shades of black, blue, and occasionally white.


When David Tennant became the Tenth Doctor one of the first things everyone noticed was his clothes. The coat was cool, the pinstriped suit was unusual for a decidedly t-shirts-and-jeans age...and the Converse shoes were wanted by all.

In his first season he mostly wore off-white Chucks with a brown suit; he broke out the black Chucks whenever he had to don a tuxedo; and then when he started wearing a blue suit he wore maroon or red Chucks, just for the sake of the color clash.


Today I had the opportunity to buy shoes and when I passed a Converse store in the mall, I knew I'd only be picking between the off-white pair and the red one. (No maroon pairs in stock.)

Look, new shoes!

I hope I break this pair in right and that I get as much fun out of wearing them as Tennant did!

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