Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cross my fingers and hope for the best...

In a previous entry I said I'd decided to make my first crocheted afghan out of an assortment of granny squares.

After greedily eyeing some of my pounds of yarn, though, I thought I'd look around for some other options in terms of patterns ad stitches. I figured, hey, two pounds of yarn ought to be plenty from any point of view; if I ate up about three-quarters of each pound and used the rest for edging, then there should be a rather large work completed in the end.

I wound up settling on THIS, or a variation thereof:

[Photo not mine. Wish that yarn was available locally. And I should really save up for those comfort-grip crochet hooks!]

The photo shows just one of the many "chevron" or "ripple" crochet patterns out there. It's a popular stitch for making afghans, hence the many variations on a theme of stitches arranged in a peaks-and-valleys configuration.

When I've made some progress on mine I'll be sure to post pictures. In the meantime, I have to keep working.....

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