Sunday, June 20, 2010

Inventory for a future little crafting shop

At lunch with the family for a combined birthday and Father's Day celebration yesterday, the topics bounced all over the spectrum of ideas, but the one I got stuck on was the idea of opening a little shop where I could sell crocheted stuff.

Here's the list of things I could sell:

1. Scarves. This is really my type of project; heaven knows I've made enough of them and talked about them, on this blog and elsewhere.

2. Watch caps.

So who got the one I was making last week? My dad. He was quite pleased and said he'd wear it to work, since some of the production houses he works with have super-cold offices.

3. All-purpose mini bags.

This particular specimen contains RPG dice, but the width is just right for most mobile phones. It's then a matter of sizing the bag accurately in order to completely accommodate units ranging from an iPhone to the wide range of Nokias to my mother's Samsung smartphone...for this, the possibilities really are endless.

Hmm. So now all I've got to do is get cracking and start making. Right then. I can haz crafty tiemz nao?

1 comment:

tinskyhunter said...

Well, good luck on working on your crafts so that you could sell them and earn money... *thumbs up*

I hope you'll post on what will be the prices of your works once you start selling them.