Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting stared at: WORTH IT.

Warning: Snark ahead!

Out and about today with the boyfriend: we visited the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City - not much going on there, but apparently it's a great hit with local families. Amenities include swimming, rowboating, trail riding, paintball. Unfortunately the one feature we wanted to try - fishing - is no longer on offer.

From there we went to SM Megamall in Pasig City. As we got on the escalators we found out that there was a mini-convention going on: "I Ai Anime" by OtakuZine. So we popped in for a quick look.

First off: PHP 100 for a ticket?! The con was a little bit of rip-off city: only took up one exhibit hall and didn't even fill it all up. One space was taken up by the merchants and fandom sellers, one corner by a cafe, one by a stage - and that was it.

Secondly, at the time we showed up the place was still deserted. Other cons I've been to were already standing-room-only by the time 12 noon rolled around, with lines snaking out the entrance and around the mall corridors. But there we were standing in the exhibit hall at a few minutes to noon and there was enough space for people to literally run around and chase each other.

Third: Who knows the rules for playing Jeopardy! any more? And worse, who ever heard of a Jeopardy! game where all the answers had to be written down? You only do that for the Final Jeopardy! round and then you've got to wager something to do it - but the con emcees were trying to get people to play Otaku Trivia Jeopardy!, and ... weren't doing such a hot job.

About the only thing that redeemed the con was the variety and richness of fandom sellers: accessories galore. Pins, silly hats, key chains, mobile phone charms - there was quite a lot to choose from.

And, oh, did I mention SILLY HATS?


We spotted one merchant selling all sorts of Plants vs Zombies stuff and after much deliberation, we wound up buying this lovely zombie-head hat. I would almost call it a helm a la Ragnarok Online - look at the size of that thing!

After we left the con I kept the hat on while we strolled around the mall corridors. Reactions varied, but yes, it was very satisfying to get stared at. After all, there was a zombie in the mall!


Presea said...

OMG!!! how much did you buy the hat??? DO WANT! A_A

PJ Punla said...

@ Presea

PHP 250. They also had Wallnut, a green Zombie head, Sunflower, and Peashooter.

Aside from the hats they also had plushies and plastic toys. Hope they can appear at the next con so you can get your merch.