Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Hero of Canton!

He robbed from the rich
And he gave to the poor
Stood up to the man
And gave him what for
Our love for him now
Ain't hard to explain
The hero of Canton
The man they call Jayne

After all that blatheration and a couple of weekends' noodling around with patterns, yarn weights, and crochet hooks, I think I've finally managed to create my very own tribute to the 'verse of Firefly and Serenity.

But first: a familiar ballad for all you mudders and Browncoats:

Love how silly Adam Baldwin is. Jayne Cobb is da man.

And now, here is my own take on that gorgeously, ridiculously, forever-geeky hat:

Sure, I haven't bothered with the earflaps and the pompom on top - but it's big enough to cover my ears anyway, and I'm not exactly a dab hand at pompoms so I've given that detail a pass. But here is something I can use to keep my head warm AND to proclaim my Browncoat allegiances. [Although the real Jayne was indifferent to that conflict....]

Hope y'all think it's shiny. I'm pretty happy with it my own self - not bad for a first attempt / original pattern.

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