Thursday, July 29, 2010

Super Elisabeth smash! (It's super effective!)

[Right, yes, mixing fandoms and rather dizzily happy about it, thank you!]

Here is a song that I stumbled on tonight and it is a mighty song indeed. [Many thanks to the Facebook friend who found this first.]

The song is "Yami ga Hirogaru", performed by Shizuki Asato as Der Tod and Máté Kamarás as Prince Rudolf.

The original title of the song is "Die Schatten werden länger", translated into English as "The Shadows Grow Longer". The Japanese version, however, is rendered into English as "The Darkness is Falling" or something like that.

Anyone who's a fan of this musical will be able to know why this is an amazing and unique rendition: this is actually being performed by two very famous Der Tods! We have Shizuki from the 1998 Soragumi production of the Takarazuka Kagekidan, and Kamarás from the 2004-2005 Vienna Revival cast.

And to think that Kamarás learned part of the Japanese lyrics just to perform this song!

I think that it's one of the more powerful renditions I've heard - Shizuki's voice keeps going from strength to strength even though it's been nearly 10 years since she performed as Der Tod, and as for Kamarás, well, it's not too hard to imagine why he's such a star.

I'm deliberately going to Ear Worm myself with this song!

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