Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fandoms at Random: Doctor Who Ramblings

[It's been over a week since the Doctor Who New Series 5 finale, so I guess it's now safe to post this photo? There doesn't seem to be much context to it anyway....]

I seriously need to catch up on my Doctor Who viewing. So far, my partner and I have already seen all of the Ninth's episodes and most of the Tenth's - all the way up to "The Stolen Earth" / "Journey's End", anyway. After that we've the 2008 and 2009 specials and "The End of Time", and then we can start watching Eleventh's stuff.

At this rate I'm just hoping we can get caught up before Christmas, which is when New Series 6 kicks off.

Having already been spoiled for parts of "The Pandorica Opens" / "The Big Bang", I really just want to know what happens to the three people rumored to be Eleventh's major companions: Rory, Amy, and River (?).

And I'm torn on the speculation of River Song's identity. Is she the Doctor's girlfriend/wife? Daughter? [I hope not!] Some other type of blood relative? Is she the person who will wind up killing him? I'm leaning more toward the girlfriend/wife theory and I'm pretty much waiting for that to be Jossed hard - I mean, hello, people, this is Doctor Who, all theories are true and all theories are false.

On a slightly related note, it's kind of neat to be following Neil Gaiman on Twitter - except for the part where the poor man has been pretty much tearing his hair out over his New Series 6 script. Seven rewrites?! Gah! And as of the latest update the Beeb has accepted the seventh draft, but it still needs to lose ten pages. Holy crap. I really would not want to be in his shoes right now.

Aah, the pleasures and travails of fandom. And just you wait till I get a full head of steam about Inception - I still want to watch it and I'm still part of the fandom for it. My mind is the scene of a crime!

Leaving you all on this way-too-early Saturday morning with the Eleventh Doctor's theme:

This version is supposed to be called something like "Every Star, Every Planet".

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