Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kanin Club Again: Brunch Before a Birthday

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As one of us will soon be turning a year older, my partner and I went back to Kanin Club today for a celebratory brunch. Here's what we had to eat.

All photos taken by my partner.

Salad: green mangoes, onions, tomatoes, salted eggs, and bagoong [fermented shrimp paste] dressing. On the menu, this comes with cilantro; we had that taken out of the order since we're allergic to it.

Mains: crispy dinuguan and deep-fried tilapia, and rice of course.

The whole meal before we started eating it.

After the meal, we scotched our plans to go bowling and decided to go eat some dessert instead.

And dessert-slash-early-birthday-cake is Chocolate Fudge Cake from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

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tinskyhunter said...

I have heard of Kanin Club, too... Gotta go there someday... ^^