Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Dream of Eee

Okay, so I'm a little late in jumping onto the tech train; netbooks have been around for a few years now. Well, blame it on the fact that I was always waiting for something close to an ideal: a screen resolution at or near 1024x768, a LOT of battery life, RAM at or near a gig, etc. etc.

Previously, the above specs weren't exactly run-of-the-mill - but now they are. People EXPECT a netbook to approximate these features and actually are now clamoring for either the next stage to get here, Windows 7 for netbooks, the newly-released Google Chrome OS, or the CULV laptops.

So I've finally narrowed down my netbook wishlist to these two fine models from ASUS's Eee line. While the 1000HE is now widely available here in the Philippines (and I've been canvassing for it, so I know that its baseline price is just around PHP20,000), I wonder if I shouldn't be holding out for the 1005HA and its slightly longer battery life. (The 1000HE is supposed to have about nine hours; the 1005HA around ten.)

I've already gotten somewhat obsessive about the subject, and you better believe I've been making lists of the things that revolve around the netbook:

- peripherals to go with it (compact external HDD, netbook sleeve + secure backpack, ways of organizing the power and other cords, proper headphones, etc.)
- software (strip down the OS to all the essentials, then load on anti-virus/anti-malware, Firefox Portable, VLC Media Player, WinDjView, etc.)
- browser bookmarks (Gmail, Yahoo!Mail and Web Messenger, Facebook, LiveJournal, all the links in my sidebar)

Gosh, I'm really going to push myself to get one of these machines. I've been needing one for quite a long time now. Maybe I can time it for just before the holidays, when the prices start dropping like rocks in a lake....


Anonymous said...

So why a netbook and not a laptop?

PJ Punla said...

@ panzerpuff

welcome to my new blog, friend :)

so why a netbook and not a laptop?

because I don't need a laptop per se, really - I have a kickass machine at home and someone who can help me upgrade it accordingly.

my mobile computing needs are VERY light and consist mainly of working online with documents and web pages.

a netbook fits that and has the added bonus of really not straining my back.