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A Girl Can Dream: Holiday Wishlist 2009, Part 5

So, December has come and it's time for presents once again. The "A Girl Can Dream" posts are, well, pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: they're stuff I wish I could buy for myself. The sorts of things that make me sigh and say, "Oh if only I had [insert obscenely large amount of money here]; this is what I'd do with it."

None of these entries have absolutely anything to do with advertising or what-not. It's a wishlist. That's all.


[OMG YAY last one!]

This was the very first year that I had heard about such things called Figma and Nendoroid. Plastic/resin sculpted figures, well, I knew about those already. And very many Figma, figures, and Nendoroids out on the market are irresistibly cute, as will be seen in this entry.

The problem with finding out about these sorts of things is that, of course, one comes to WANT SOME, to the detriment of budgets and lifestyles and etcetera thereof....

All pictures unless otherwise indicated from the official English website of Good Smile Company. Please don't make the same mistake I did - DON'T get bootlegs, only get the original stuff!


Asahina Mikuru, Suzumiya Haruhi, and Nagato Yuki, Extravaganza Version 1/8 PVC figures, by Max Factory. Original picture from A World Through Lenses.

This three-figure set comes from a popular official art piece of the central characters from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", which depicted the SOS-Dan as members of a rock band. Don't they look smashingly good?


figma Saber: Armor Ver.

Everyone loves the stately majesty and kickass potential of King Arthuria a/k/a Servant Saber from the Fate/Stay Night series of games and anime, and I'm one of her fans. This figma of her looks so toothsome and cute. She looks like she could guard my toy chest and/or books....

figma Nagato Yuki Evil Witch Ver.

Yeah, now you know I'm a big fan of Nagato Yuki. This figma has a lot of possibilities: the witch/lead antagonist from the home video "The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina", the guitarist from the famous "Lost My Music / God Knows" band performance, and the cute student serving tea.

figma Hiiragi Kagami Cosplay Ver.

Everyone knows Hiiragi Kagami of "Lucky Star" has problems putting up with the nonsense and otaku-ness of Izumi Konata - but she also has a secret cosplayer side, as evidenced in this mash-up between her and the popular Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. Here she is with the famous leek from the "Ievan Polkka" clip.


Nendoroids Asahina Mikuru, Suzumiya Haruhi, and Nagato Yuki.

Another version of the trio in the Figures item above. I quite like the idea of interchanging heads and bodies and I also love the quiet cuteness of Yuki with her glasses and her book.

Nendoroid Tachikomas Blue, Silver, and Yellow from the "Ghost in the Shell" franchise.

Cute, wise, silly, and more than capable of self-sacrifice: there are many reasons why the Tachimkoma have become the mascot of the GITS universe. To have all three would be like having a miniature army of defenders, able to protect the other figures and nendoroids from all enemy incursions.

Nendoroid Saber in two versions: Lion and Lily.

A silly version of Servant Saber, coupled with the extremely popular Lily (white armor) version. I think they'd look pretty cute when matched up with their figma counterpart. Plus, look, interchangeability!

Nendoroid Kagami MikkuMiku.

A tiny superdeformed version of Hiiragi Kagami cosplaying Hatsune Miku, again with the leek and the various cute expressions. As with the Saber figma/nendoroid combination, would likely make for quite a few amusing dioramas.


And that's it for the "A Girl Can Dream" Holiday Wishlist 2009 posts. Share what you'd like to get for the holidays this year!

Next post: What I already actually have, i.e. a long-delayed loot post covering October to December. :D

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Anonymous said...

I really, really want the Haruhi Extravaganza figure. Yuki and Mikuru not so much.