Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Girl Can Dream: Holiday Wishlist 2009, Part 4

So, December has come and it's time for presents once again. The "A Girl Can Dream" posts are, well, pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: they're stuff I wish I could buy for myself. The sorts of things that make me sigh and say, "Oh if only I had [insert obscenely large amount of money here]; this is what I'd do with it."

None of these entries have absolutely anything to do with advertising or what-not. It's a wishlist. That's all.


I thought my interest in Atlantica Online was waning, but...well, seeing as something brilliant happened to me just today with regards to this wishlist - I'll keep going, hahaha.


This accessory is one of the most sought-after items in Atlantica Online. You carry a cute kitten in a knapsack on your main character's back; there's a little rod with a fish hanging off a hook, and every now and then the kitty bats at the fish. Stat boosts: Attack Power: 400-500, Vitality: +70, Defense: 500. Random drop from Wild Cat's Pocket Watch.


After the Kitty Bag above, these two back accessories rank on the must-have list. The character on top has the Michael's; the one on the bottom has the Lucifer's. The Lucifer's Wings were the first wing-type items to come out of the game, and for a few people, are still the coolest ones, though rivaled closely by the Michael's Wings. No, they neither flap nor allow you to fly - but they make you look GOOD. Stat boosts: Lucifer's Wings - Attack Power: 350-450, Vitality: +60, Defense: 500; Michael's Wings - Attack Power: 450-550, Vitality: +80, Defense: 500. Lucifer's Wings are a random drop from Pledge of Citratus; Michael's Wings are a random drop from Gabriel's Deliverance.


Okay, here's the deal. Here is a female main character wearing the full Scarlet Outfit set i.e. Costume + Horns. (And Lucifer's Wings for good measure.) The Costume is self-explanatory; the Horns give the white hairstyle, the cross on the forehead, the pointed ears, and the namesake horns. All three items used to be on my wishlist.

Until this morning. I'd been idly looking at the world broadcasts in my server, and found a message stating that someone wanted to trade hir Scarlet Costume for a Changshan Costume.

If you remember how I got my Changshan Costume, well, you can see where this is going.

Got LUCKY again in terms of costumes. After the trade was completed:

Now I wish that I could obtain the same luck with regards to the head decoration.

Stat boosts: Scarlet Costume - Vitality: +50; Scarlet Horns - Vitality: +50. Each item is a random drop from Iris' Promise.


Do you spend real money on virtual items? Tell me about your MMOs and the items you want.

Watch out for the rest of the "A Girl Can Dream" posts. :)

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