Friday, December 4, 2009

A Girl Can Dream: Holiday Wishlist 2009, Part 3

So, December has come and it's time for presents once again. The "A Girl Can Dream" posts are, well, pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: they're stuff I wish I could buy for myself. The sorts of things that make me sigh and say, "Oh if only I had [insert obscenely large amount of money here]; this is what I'd do with it."

None of these entries have absolutely anything to do with advertising or what-not. It's a wishlist. That's all.


Lest you think that the long list of things I'd like to do with a huge amount of money is all about me - well, the answer to that should really just be a rather emphatic no. There are organizations out there that are working to make the world a much better place than it is now. They deserve to be supported. Here are the ones I believe in.

1. Philippine National Red Cross

After Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng (international names Ketsana and Parma) hit the Philippines in September and October this year, I couldn't make time to volunteer at the various relief centers. So I did the next best thing: give money to the Philippine Red Cross. I already believe in their blood donation advocacy; I believe even more in their efforts to reach out and help as many people as they could even when they themselves are in danger or are already overextended.

2. World Wide Fund for Nature

I hope that this WWF will not go the way of radical "green/environmentalist/animal rights" groups that in their excess of zeal and lack of common sense turn themselves into objects of ridicule. At least I know that they're still working tirelessly to save the planet and its endangered species, despite the stigma of being associated with the aforementioned groups.

3. Project Gutenberg

Preserving books whose copyrights have already expired (at least in the US) by turning them into good-quality e-book versions. No one is hurt and future generations can get ahold of classic books and great reads in media that they can access and understand more easily - what's not to like? I really should look into volunteering for that "Distributed Proofreading" thing that they do.

4. The Office of Letters and Light

They say they believe in "ambitious acts of the imagination". These are the fine folks behind National Novel Writing Month (November of every year) and Script Frenzy (April of every year). Each program has a corresponding Young Writers Program for - you guessed it - kids in school who want to learn how to write. I support them because they're all for literacy and for literature, and because they work very hard to better not only the world at large, but everyone who participates in their programs too.


Do you support any charities or non-profit organizations? Tell me about the ones you volunteer for/give money to/help manage or lead in the comments.

Watch out for the rest of the "A Girl Can Dream" posts. :)

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