Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oct-Dec Loot Post: Things that make me happy

In the previous entry I mentioned I'd finally get around to putting up some pictures of the things I've bought in the past couple of months. These are purchases that really, REALLY made me happy, the sort of happy that Dollfie owners would reserve for new daughters and nendoroid/figma types for new gets.

13 October: "HAMSTER" GET

Once again, here is my dear Hamster, acquired on a Friday the 13th.

Technically, this is Hamster the Second, since the first unit I bought turned out to have had a bit of a problem with its keyboard. (The entire upper-left-hand corner was not secured or "nailed down" properly to the rest of the netbook.) So I simply took it back to the retailer that same weekend and had the whole unit replaced. All's well that ends well.

Hamster has served me faithfully; I used him a lot during the NaNoWriMo weekends. He comes in pretty handy at the office too, when I need another computer unit to complete a series of tasks that my main desktop cannot handle because it's already working on something else.

I think I'll go ahead and put a few stickers on his lid now that I've got some neat ones to use.

5 December: PEN HEAVEN

Fellow stationery geeks unite!

You're already familiar with my trusty moleskine-type fandom notebook, which was also a handy accomplice during my first NaNoWriMo experience. I wrote several bits of plot and character details in it, and even used it to keep track of which version of the document was most active on any one of the computers I was using to write the novel.

What's new, then? Answer: the black pen on the left. That is my brand-new fountain pen. Like its white companion, it, too, is a cartridge-loading type. My collection of good-quality Parker pens is growing, and that makes me happy. Also, it makes me smile to know that this particular pen is the first one that I bought with my own money. (The other fountain pen, as well as my two Parker ballpoints, were gifts to me from generous friends.)

I hope that the next loot I get will be a proper set of crochet hooks in different sizes. It's very strange indeed to find out that my local crafting shop stocks only one size of steel crochet hooks, which are used for fine work, but several types, weights, and colors of yarn in both wool and cotton.

Oh, well. Once I get the hook set, I'll start stocking up on yarn and get to the crochet work, something I'm really looking forward to. I've already decided on plans for items to make for family and friends.

Now all I need to do is convince the significant other to let me design a scarf or something for him. :D

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