Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meal in the City / Quick Photo Post 4: Fried Rice Zombie-Style and Scarf Project 02

Last night I proposed to do a clean sweep of the refrigerator's contents - and there were a few, since we had gone on a small cooking binge last week. Chicken thigh fillet, pork chop, kimchi from the last Mashitta visit. So I made a large batch of fried rice to eat early this morning.

Why "zombie-style"? Because I brought the leftovers back to life. Yummy.

Added to the rice and meat were a garnish of eggs and a can of good local corned beef. We finished off the kimchi, too. Good meal. Have to do stuff like this more often. Yes, I know the pictures don't do it justice.

Here I am modeling the black scarf that was my first completed crochet project. Yep, it's the boyfriend's, and yep, that's him taking this photo and the next.

And here I am with the completed "His" scarf. This means I'm halfway through the project. I'm now working hard on the "Hers" scarf. You can tell I learned my lesson between one scarf and another; I'm better at estimating how long or large a project is and am now buying yarn accordingly.


Jonette said...

Yay! The His n' Hers scarves look nice and thick and cozy. Well done, you! :)

PJ Punla said...

@ Jonette

Bernat Berella's a thick and cozy yarn, and I'm happy the "His" scarf turned out so well, so thank you!

I'm now about 65% done on the "Hers" scarf and hope to finish it this week.