Sunday, June 13, 2010

"At last, my arm is complete again!"

And you know, it says a lot for my general chosen fandoms and interests that I had no idea where the quote that makes up the post title came from until five seconds ago.

No, I'm not about to mince people into pies, move to Fleet Street, or sport a weirdo Bride of Frankenstein hairdo.

I'm just going to report about an accomplishment that makes my fannish heart VERY happy.

Acting on a tip from a friend at my office (thank you so much!), my partner and I ventured to Greenhills yesterday morning after shift in search of dice.

[At the end of this previous entry I had rather loudly lamented the utter difficulty of finding proper RPG dice hearabouts.]

But the tip was good and I soon found myself in possession of this:

Real Chessex-brand dice, guys. This is the basic 7-piece set.

My partner teased me for getting dice in black with red numbers, saying that I'd wound up buying Twilight dice. Hell no. These are MY dice.

I've turned all the dice in this photo so their largest numbers (and number of sides each) are facing up. Two of the dice are both ten-sided, one marked with the numbers 1-0 (0 being 10) and one marked with the numbers 10-00 (00 being 100); the latter die is for percentiles, I guess.

Now that I know where to get dice I will probably buy another set before the year is out. I like having lots of dice on hand. Never know when I'm going to need them.

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