Friday, June 11, 2010

News and notes again

I'm making another one of these, only in a different shade of blue, a different yarn, and a different brim. Not telling you who it's for; it's not a commission either.

Give me another weekend and it shall be done - I hope!


Damnit parts of my university burned on Wednesday night! The affected building at UP-Diliman was Palma Hall, a/k/a the building where all the freshmen go. Luckily, no one was hurt. But imagine the property damage! The affected parts were the Chem Pavilion, parts of the Physics Pavilion, and the sections of Palma Hall adjoining those pavilions. *grr!*


In a shout-out to a friend - if you have any horror stories about PH electronics retailer CD-R King, kindly point them Every Juan's way HERE.


I've spammed my Twitter with this and you might as well know why: Share Moleskine Love! Win a Moleskine SET Twitter contest! And who doesn't LOVE Moleskines? Grab a chance to win them for a friend!


Man, Saturday and Sunday just cannot come quickly enough. *grumble*

1 comment:

tinskyhunter said...

Well, good luck on doing your work! ^^

Haays, about the fire that charred some of the buildings at UP-Diliman, I could feel sympathy for the freshmen who witness the incident, especially some of my former high school classmates who would start their college life there... :(

Well, at least, I hope the damage would be fixed.