Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It looks like I'm hard at work again....

Although last night was rather *nasty* in the sense of getting blindsided by a massive-ass migraine. Sometimes the word "migraine" doesn't even begin to cover it - didn't that troubled poet Virginia Woolf write an entire essay on it? Man, there's a great line there about headaches - and she would know; the headaches were, to her, one of the signs of her madness....

How come it never occurred to me to see a neurologist for these migraines? Oh, right, because I kept assuming that they primarily had something to do with my *eyes*. So I see an opthalmologist for them instead. I should do something like that soon.


Having finished the skinny chenille scarf in purple I am now busying myself with a man's watch cap. I really cannot stop myself making gifts for my family but I will have to put my foot down next time - commissions or bust!


I don't know if there are any BJD owners reading this blog, but I might as well ask, too: how big around are BJD heads? I find myself in possession of a very tiny crochet beret with an inner circumference of about 4in. What sort of doll could wear something THAT small?


Looks like this blog has been drawing traffic because of the list of influential blogs that I put up in a previous entry. Welcome to one and all.


coffeebugg said...

Your crocheted beret might just be the right size for 1/6 dolls or mama chapps.

Try checking out Puppy52's doll blog to get an idea.

tinskyhunter said...

Get well soon... try some naps to relieve yourself from the migraine. Dolfenal may help, too... ^^