Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Super hobby mash-up mode!

In the previous entry, I mentioned I'd gotten my fannish mitts on some dice.

Now I'm writing this post to show off the bag I've made for the dice.

It all started with me racking my brains for a present for a family member. I tried to follow the Easy Sideways Hat pattern from Lion Brand Yarns, but gave up in favor of a retread of the hat in this entry.

But that left me with a medium-sized piece of crochet work that was all dressed up and had nowhere to go - and I definitely wasn't in the mood to simply frog it out (i.e. rip it back down to the component yarn).

So it was a bit of an inspiration when I finally decided to make a go of creating a dice bag - by sewing the cloth together to create a pouch. The results are amateurish, but definitely encouraging.

Here's the bag with its contents out for display.

Because the pattern in the hat called for a "ribbed" crochet effect caused by working single crochet only into the back loops, the completed bag is pretty neat to touch.

The bag is a drawstring type.

I braided together three pieces of yarn and hooked the resulting cord into the top of the bag.

The bag, closed and ready to go.

Not bad for a first attempt! If I can acquire more dice I will probably make a larger version of the bag to carry them around in.

Yeah, I KNOW, there is something surreal to be said for the coming together of crochet and tabletop dice-based RPGs, but you know what? I'm hardly the only one doing this sort of thing....

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