Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fandoms at Random: Onstage Mizu Natsuki

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Oh, Mizu Natsuki.

Beginning tomorrow, Friday the 13th in August of 2010, you will tread the floorboards at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater for your final month's stay in the Takarazuka Kagekidan.

I really wish I could fly to Tokyo right now and watch you in Roget / Rock On!

And I'm pretty sure that if I did get the chance to go and see you before you graduate, the first thing I'd be packing in my bag would be several boxes of tissues. I'm rather shamelessly admitting that no matter where I will be on September 12, I'll be crying for you.


Mizu Natsuki was one of the first Takarazuka actresses, or jennes, to catch my eye when I joined the fandom full time. This probably had something to do with the fact that among the first videos I saw on YouTube were several scenes from the 2001 Soragumi staging of The Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie Antoinette, in which Mizu and Ayaki Nao shared the roles of Oscar François de Jarjayes and André Grandier.

[I preferred Mizu to be Andre and Ayaki to be Oscar.]

After that, I was hooked on several 'Zuka topics: Wao, O-Hana, Soragumi in general, and Mizu.

In particular I love Mizu because of her face: she has the most amazing expressions. She really can play merry hell on your heartstrings and you'll be entranced all the way.

For me, Mizu is a sterling example of the compleat jenne. She can sing, she can dance, she can act. No one looks better when wielding swords and other weapons, and no one is more suited to wearing goofy glasses and making the audience cry with laughter. She can even do female roles, as when she appeared as one of Genji's ladies [yes, THAT Genji] in a 2000 play.

I had had some hopes that she would go on to become Top Star of Soragumi after Wao's graduation, but when it turned out that she then became the immensely popular Top of Yukigumi, I felt only happiness.

And have I mentioned that Mizu Natsuki is both amazingly beautiful and handsome?!

Yeah, color me infatuated, color me besotted, and color me heartbroken. I never even got to see her on the 'Zuka stage ever.

Banzai Mizu Natsuki!


Hetha said...

I heard about Takarazuka for the first time about a year ago and immediatelly fell in love with Mizu. I've been totally obsessed with her for the past year and it'll be very painful to see her retiring. I wish I'd been able to see her perform just once before her graduation, but I'll keep cheering her on on whatever path she might choose after Takarazuka.

I already cried my heart out over her future retirement last summer, even though it was just a possibility at that time, so I'm hoping that I won't completely go into pieces on September 12th. There are going to be lots of tears, nut we'll just have to try to remember that it's not the end of Mizu, it's a new beginning.

(I'm sorry if my comment seems cheesy or out of place. I really shouldn't comment when I'm both tired and high on Takarazuka.)

PJ Punla said...

@ Hetha

There are going to be lots of tears, nut we'll just have to try to remember that it's not the end of Mizu, it's a new beginning.

Yep, my sentiments exactly. But it's hard not to think of her retirement as the end of an era.