Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"I don't want [her] to go!" Banzai Mizu Natsuki!

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Mizu Natsuki playing Der Tod, from the 2007 production of the musical Elisabeth, performed by the Snow Troupe [Yukigumi] of the Takarazuka Kagekidan.

I know, I know, I'm mixing up my fandoms again, but really, see if I care.

I don't want to go were the famous last words of the Tenth Doctor [David Tennant], and now I'm using them again to talk about the impending retirement of Mizu Natsuki, the current Top Star of Snow Troupe [Takarazuka Kagekidan].

Mizu's last bow on the Takarazuka stage will be on Sunday, 12 September, when the musical drama and revue Roget / Rock On! ends its run at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater. Her musumeyaku Top Star, Aihara Mika, will be among the actresses retiring with her.

I have to admit that I am now considering fading out of the fandom after Mizu goes.

Oh, not to say that I don't currently love any of the Takarazuka actresses; I still feel my troupe loyalty to Cosmos Troupe [Soragumi] and that means I am still a minor-league fan of its current Top Stars [Oozora Yuuhi and Nono Sumika]. See my review of their take on Casablanca here, for example. And I also have a lot of love for several other Sora stalwarts such as Ranju Tomu, Yuumi Hiro, Toki Irisu, Suzuna Saya, and Kotobuki Tsukasa.

But with Mizu's retirement I feel that it'll be okay to stop being an active part of the fandom, that is, the non-Japanese one. I'm pretty sure I've talked a lot about Mizu on this blog and that was mostly because she was the Top Star I supported, the one who was still in the company.

After Sunday, though, she'll be out of the Revue and out into a new life.

And I wish she didn't have to go, but truthfully, I'm glad she's retiring. I've been quite worried for her: working a lot, not looking very well in some photos [in fact there were days when I saw photos of her and wailed, "Oh, someone please feed her! She looks so wan!"], dealing with other Yukigumi retirements. So if this is her way to get rest, to recover from the last year in which she had been so busy, then I will feel happy for her instead.

But I'm going to be crying anyway as soon as I see her graduation photos.

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