Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crochet works: yarn for side projects

I'm temporarily setting aside the afghan project to tackle a couple of interesting side projects of the commission type.

Wow, I talk about yarn A LOT on this blog, have you noticed?

And I'm going to talk about it some more with this post, in which I show off some recent acquisitions - each of which has already been earmarked for a specific project.

This dark green yarn is for a special request / commission from my mother. I'm going to try making a pouch for her smartphone, in the same general pattern as my RPG dice bag. The only difference will be the size of the project - she has one of those Samsung QWERTY-keypad phones, and it's kinda large, so I have to adapt accordingly.

This speckled purple yarn was originally intended to be made up into a pouch for my younger sister's external hard disk. [As you can probably guess - yeah, she likes purple. A LOT. The scarf I made for her is just ONE piece of evidence.]

Recently, though, my sister decided to do something else with this yarn instead: she wants it to be an insert in an orange beanie.

And how orange is orange? Well, how about this?

I found this variegated red-orange-yellow-shaded Red Heart yarn at Dreams Yarnshoppe today. It was pretty much the sort of thing I had in mind, so I bought two skeins' worth.

The two yarns for my sister's commission. I think it will be INTERESTING to see how these two opposing colors work up together. This was my sister's idea; I'm just executing it - but I'm pretty sure the resulting photos will be VERY bright. At least that. *snicker*

If I have any of that orange stuff left over I'll make my own version of Jayne Cobb's hat. Gorram it I finally found something that would suit. Shiny!

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